Bundle and Save

The System

Wear Wrax over the Wrax Sports Tank or wear it with any tank or sports bra you already have!

Wrax holds you securely in place so you can move more dynamically. Imagine running and jumping with NO BOUNCE!

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Run, jump and MOVE with ease

Embrace the Freedom

Does your posture suffer because of your big breasts? Do you tend to roll your shoulders forward and try to mitigate the bouncing with poor form?

Wrax will have you standing up straighter, running faster and jumping higher!

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Reimagined support

The Wrax Revolution

Wrax eliminates bouncing like nothing you've ever tried before. That's why you'll move like you've never moved before!

Whether you're on the track, in the gym, or conquering your fitness journey from the comfort of home, Wrax is your ultimate companion, ensuring unparalleled support and confidence with every move.

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  • "I was blown away as a Cross Country Coach"

    - Coach C
  • "Game changer in my training"

    - Bethaney Bowman
  • "Wrax really works"

    - Summer