The New Generation of High Impact Sports Bras is HERE!

  • The smart design of the Wrax Sports Harness holds your breasts in place by preventing the breasts from coming up in the first place. Bouncing is finally eliminated!

    Wrax adjusts to fit your unique curves and shape. Straps over the shoulder and the breasts can be loosened or tightened for a perfect fit for you.

    Imagine what you can accomplish with NO BOUNCING!

    For ultimate comfort and performance, pair the Wrax Harness with the Wrax Sports Tank or wear with any sports bra you already have.

    No up = No down = NO BOUNCE!

  • Patent pending technology designed to hold you in place

    • 5 points of adjustability creating the perfect fit for you
    • Wide band creates a natural “shelf” for your breasts
    • Wire-free design to form to your unique curves and shape
    • Machine washable
    • Made in the USA

    Wrax is like nothing you've ever tried before, that's why you'll move like you've never moved before! No more avoiding workouts, feeling self-conscious, modifying workouts, or wishing you could do more.

    Feel the freedom to open up and move your arms rather than using them to try to control the bouncing.

    Watch the video below to learn what Wrax is and how it works.

  • “WRAX is the best! I’ve worn so many different sports bras over the years and nothing has ever come close to supporting me and holding me in place while I workout like WRAX did. For the first time in my life I was able to run without using my arms to hold my chest still. I was
    able to run easier, faster and longer. This product is incredible!!”
    - Katie Rohlfing

  • "I truly didn't know what to expect with this bra but I was blown away
    as a Cross Country Coach watching this literally change one of my
    bustier runners form! She went from having to run with no arms
    because she used them to keep her bouncing at bay, to being able to
    run freely and use her arms which decreased her time significantly!"
    - Coach C.

  • “This has seriously been such a game changer for me! I am on the larger side of that department and I have always struggled so much with
    wanting to keep working out. Most of the time it was painful to even go for a jog! This has changed that all so much! The girls stay in place the whole workout!!!! Ladies if you are looking for the best sports bra you can find, look no further cause this is the last one you will buy I promise!”

    -Sarah Ernest

  • "WRAX really works, and I feel like a “warrior goddess” wearing it. I’m nearly two years postpartum, and I’ve really struggled with getting back into fitness after a year of pumping exclusively and then chasing a toddler around while working full time. Not having a bra that fit or supported my new body and heavy chest was frustrating! That’s all starting to turn around ever since I started wearing WRAX! I’m so grateful to now have access to a bra that permits me to run and move again in ways that promote my health and well being! I HIGHLY recommend this - especially for women who have to double up on their sports bras or have given up on exercise altogether because nothing seems to offer what they need!"

    - Brittany Cummings

  • "Wrax is great for horseback riding! I’m not a runner but I knew the first time I heard about it that it would be great for riding. I put it on over my shirt and could take it off immediately after the ride without having to have a changing room. I’m not a fan of changing into sports bras for only an hour long lesson and with Wrax I could wear my regular bra and clothes. It kept the girls in place and pain free where jostling and bouncing in that past was particularly painful especially during certain times of the month. I highly recommend Wrax for equestrians!"

    - Emily Coleman

  • “Never in my adult life have I felt so comfortable running, jumping, or working out as I did when I wore the Wrax harness. Me having a larger chest has always been an issue: multiple sports bras, not feeling
    confident, minimizing workouts to not be a distraction or to not feel the pull of my chest. The Wrax harness eliminates all of that. I actually enjoyed running while wearing it. It was the first time in a very long time my chest was a non-issue.”

    - Whitney