After Sugery Solution

Comfort - Adjustability - Dual Purpose - Customized Fit - High Performance

Why Wrax for Post-Surgery Support?

Customizable Comfort

Wrax isn't your ordinary bra, it's a personalized comfort solution. Our band redistribution system ensures optimal support without unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.

Adjustable Independence

Every woman's recovery journey is unique, and so is her body. Wrax allows independent adjustment over each breast, offering your surgeon the flexibility to tailor the support you need.

Seamless Transition 

Wrax is not just for the recovery phase; it effortlessly transitions into your everyday wardrobe. Embrace the comfort during your post-surgery healing period and continue enjoying Wrax as your new best friend in the long run.

Unique Features for Post-Surgery Bliss

Settling Implants Gracefully 

Post-surgery, implants often have a natural tendency to shift. Wrax provides independent adjustment over each breast, allowing for a custom degree of downward pressure, aiding in the settling process.

Superior to Traditional Support Garments 

Unlike standard post-surgical support garments, Wrax stands out with its adjustable independence, ensuring a perfect customized fit. It continues to be useful long after the recovery phase, becoming a staple in your fitness wardrobe.

Real Stories, Real Results

Here's what one of our valued customers has to say

"This has changed my life. I had a breast reduction and still use this item after my surgery, so I am still receiving the benefits! Please, if you want comfort and become more active, give this item a try! You won’t regret it!"

At Wrax, we understand the transformative nature of breast augmentation and reduction surgeries. Let us be your companion, providing the support and comfort you deserve on this incredible journey. Welcome to your new body!

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