It’s All About the Feeling

It’s All About the Feeling

I’m always telling my clients (I’m a certified hypnotherapist) that emotion is what truly influences behavior. Do you agree? Generally, if you’re feeling a positive emotion such as happiness, motivation, joy, confidence, etc., it’s fairly easy to make good choices and have positive behavior right?

On the other hand, if you’re feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or depressed it just takes a hell of a lot more effort to make good decisions. It’s possible to have positive behavior, it’s just more difficult. This is true in all areas of our lives including exercise.

If I’m experiencing a negative emotion I don’t typically want to work out. It’s like the negative energy is all-consuming and far too heavy to take into a workout. It can truly feel like it weighs me down.

I can remember many times I would feel frustration just at the thought of a workout because I knew I would be experiencing the discomfort of my boobs bouncing. It may be the actual physical discomfort that I dreaded or the emotional discomfort of worrying about what I might look like, or what other people may see or notice and then what they might think. None of this was exactly causing me to be stoked to lace up my shoes and start building up a good sweat. I definitely didn’t feel like putting on 2 or 3 sports bras only to STILL have to endure bouncing.

I really wanted something that I could put on my body that would prevent my boobs from bouncing so that I could totally forget they are a part of me. I really wanted the freedom to move my body without my mind being distracted with bouncing or worry. I wanted something to hold me so that I didn’t feel the need to change my posture. I wanted to be able to stand tall. No more rounding my shoulders and holding my arms in tight in an effort to mitigate the bouncing.

I wanted something that would keep my boobs from coming up. I knew that in order to keep them from bouncing they would have to be held down. I wanted Wrax. No up. No down. No bounce.

Wrax is you and your sports bra's new best friend! Wrax was created by a woman who was fed up with shopping for a no bounce sports bra but still enduring bouncing. Every high impact sports bra I tried didn’t accomplish what Wrax does. Wrax is definitely NOT like any sports bra you’ve ever tried before, that’s why you’ll move like you’ve never moved before!

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