Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m Frankie and I'm the creator of Wrax.

I created because I needed it. I had tried all kinds of sports bras over the years and none of them ever really worked for me. The best options I could find were adjustable bras that lifted the breasts. While they did provide some relief, they didn't really get the job done. Lifting higher and higher seemed nonsensical. The solution seemed clear to me; in order to really eliminate bouncing it would be necessary to hold the breasts DOWN.

WRAX does just that by keeping the breasts from going up in the first place. If they can't go up, they won't be coming back down - finally eliminating bouncing once and for all!

Wrax is designed to be worn over the Wrax Sports Tank. However, you can wear Wrax over any sports bras you already have. It is important to keep in mind that wearing Wrax over other sports bras (especially those that lack compression) could create an undesirable shape and feel less comfortable. Pairing Wrax with the Wrax Sports Tank ensures ultimate comfort, performance, and a smooth streamlined fit.

The Wrax mission is to provide women the freedom to move their bodies with strength and confidence. Find your strength and confidence with the security of Wrax. Enjoy the freedom to be uniquely you. Be a warrior with Wrax.

- Frankie Elder-Reedy

Meet our designers. 

We'd like to thank these two incredible women for helping to make Wrax a reality. 

Heather Zager with Made Apparel and Laura Treas with Fashion Tech KC

  • "I can honestly say my confidence in training has more then doubled."

    - Bethaney B.
  • "I was able to run easier, faster and longer. This product is incredible!!"

    - Katie R.
  • "I HIGHLY recommend this - especially for women who have to double up on their sports bras"

    - Brittany C.