How to Wear Wrax

Wrax can be worn however you want to wear it. We are not here to tell you how to wear any of your clothing. However, we can tell you what we suggest and what is common.

Wrax is designed to be paired with the Wrax Sports Tank or over any sports bra you already have. You can wear it under or over the top of shirt. We encourage you to use Wrax however you feel the most confident!

The adjustability and versatility of Wrax is one thing that makes it very special. The fact that it can be either worn over or under a shirt is totally up to you! You can make adjustments to tighten or loosen Wrax in 5 different places ensuring the perfect fit for your unique curves and shape.

  • "I can honestly say my confidence in training has more then doubled."

    - Bethaney B.
  • "I was able to run easier, faster and longer. This product is incredible!!"

    - Katie R.
  • "I HIGHLY recommend this - especially for women who have to double up on their sports bras"

    - Brittany C.