Five Exercises That Are NOT Big Boob Friendly

Have you been modifying your workouts because your bouncing boobs are just too much to deal with? Here are 5 exercises that I used to modify before I created Wrax.

1. Mountain climbers

 You’ll frequently hear me say that I used to HATE doing mountain climbers in the plank position. Lots of ladies know and understand the struggle. Ask anyone with a large cup size what it's like and you'll notice a clear anguish on their face and frustration in their voice. Boobs are hanging, slapping and flopping around, and as knees are alternating an epic booby battle begins to take place. Boobies are EVERYWHERE and it is MISERBALE!

Modification - The only way I could execute great form was to really slow down and damn it, I didn't want to go slow.


2. High Knees

While high knees are a fairly simple move, the bouncing that goes along with them can make it a frustrating experience. I used to hold my breasts down with my arms to eliminate the bouncing. It didn't seem to matter what "high-impact" sports bra I was wearing, I had to use my arms to hold my boobs down so my knees could come up. Being able to use my arms to pump was simply not an option if I wanted to move quickly. Again, in order to have good form, I had to go slower.

Modification - Holding my chest down with my arms and slowing down, reducing the efficiency of my workout.  

3. Burpees

Big boobied babes - were you stepping back and forward rather than jumping because of those bouncing boobs? Yup, me too. It seemed the only way to keep my boobs from popping out the top of my bra was to once again, slow down.

Modification - Stepping instead of jumping. 


 4. Running

I truly didn't know how much my form was suffering until I put Wrax on for the first time. I used to round my shoulders forward which caused my breathing to be restricted. I would slump forward which would inevitably make my shoulders and back ache and sometimes cramp. Shorter, tighter and choppier arm movement reduced my body's ability to distribute energy effectively. My posture suffered as well as my pace. 

Modification - Poor form and execution. 


 5. Jumping

I hate to admit it but the reality is that I simply wasn't jumping as high as I could. I used to deny my athletic abililities to avoid the discomfort of bouncing boobs. I didn't allow myself to perform at my best because well, it just wasn't comfortable. Or I would try to hold my breasts down while I was jumping which of course prevented me from reaching the height I that I was truly capable of reaching.

Modification - Avoidance

This is the thing... 

The body will automatically make adjustments to create a more comfortable experience. It may be that the body modify or restricts certain movements. It could be that the body automatically slows down and/or minimizes movement to avoid discomfort. The body does what the body is used to doing.

If you've modified, restricted movement, slowed down, or minimized your abilities repeatedly, the body will continue to do so until or unless you tell it to do something else. What exercises have you modified or avoided altogether?

Wearing Wrax can help you to communicate to your body that it is okay to use your arms freely. You can actually enjoy dynamic, fast and explosive movement. Who know how high you might jump, how fast or far you might go, or how strong and healthy you can become?

There's a super easy way to find out. Instead of changing your workout, change your geat! Order your Wrax here.

Warrior to warrior, 





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