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Bundle and SAVE!

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Elevate Your Game: Welcome to the Wrax System – where innovation meets power. It's not just activewear; it's a revolution. This dynamic duo, consisting of the Wrax sports bra and the Wrax Sports Tank, is your ticket to a new era of comfort and performance.

Wrax – The No-Bounce Warrior: Banish the bounce with Wrax, the sports bra that's rewriting the rules. Say goodbye to discomfort, embarrassment, and compromised workouts. Wrax is your raw, unapologetic force that lets you move with confidence and power.

Wrax Sports Tank – The Edge You Deserve: Pairing perfectly with Wrax, the Wrax Sports Tank isn't just a garment; it's a statement. With an edgy, longer front, it defies the ordinary and ensures that no roll-ups get in your way. It's your ally, your attitude, and your answer to unrivaled comfort.

A Symphony of Comfort and Power: Together, Wrax and the Wrax Sports Tank create a symphony of comfort and power. No compromises, no limitations – just the raw force you need to conquer every move in your fitness journey. The longer front ensures optimal coverage, giving you the freedom to move without restraint.

Crafted for the Rebels: Handmade with care, the Wrax System is more than activewear; it's a rebellion. Crafted with quality, it speaks to the rebels who won't settle for less. Raw, blunt, and honest – just like the support it provides.

Own Your Revolution: Ready to unleash the revolution in your activewear game? The Wrax System is here to redefine your journey. No more bounce, no more compromises – just unmatched comfort and power. Shop now and own the revolution.

Small fits 32-34 inch bands, medium 36-38, large 40-42, and XL for 44+. 

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